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Taste Washington! 2012 Recommended Wines.
Treveri Cellars, Favorite Sparkling Wines of Taste Washington! 2012

Treveri Sparkling Syrah - Lovely.
Treveri Cellars opened Thanksgiving in 2010 and produces handcrafted Methode Champenois sparkling wines. Treveri Cellars is a sparkling wine only facility. Treveri wines have quality, varietal variety, they are available (for me) locally, and they are affordable sparkling Washington wines. At my home I've enjoyed Treveri sparkling Pinot Gris and Treveri sparkling Gewurztraminer with dinner. They were as tasty and fun as the wines I sampled at Taste Washington in Seattle. My friends, go find some Treveri sparkling wine and make any occasion a celebration at home. Strongly recommended. Really like these wines. Can you tell? Yes, I'm a fan.

At the bottom of this post is information about Treveri owner/winemaker Juergen Grieb.

The Lovely Wines:

* Favorite: Extra Brut - Good, especially after all that red. Retail price $14.

* Favorite: Brut - A little sweeter, not much, very good. Retail price $14.

* Favorite: Syrah – It's 100% Syrah, lovely crisp, fruit, like. Treveri pulls no punches, this is a true Syrah. Not available at my location. I will have to contact the winery direct. Retail price $19.

* Favorite: Mueller Thurgeau - lovely nose, lime kiwi, sprite. Retail price $16.

Wines listed here are the wines I liked and recommend. My favorite wines appealed to me because they expressed unique characteristics and quality, they are indicated by an “*” and are in italics.

Treveri Cellars
225 S. 2nd Ave.
Yakima, Wa 98902

Tasting Room open Monday – Saturday, Noon – 6pm.

Phone: 509-248-0200

twitter: @TreveriCellars

Treveri winemaker Juergen Grieb has a degree in winemaking and sparkling winemaking from Germany. From the town of Trier on the Mosel River next to Luxemburg, Juergen learned his craft at Kartheuserhof Winery under the tutelage of Herr Ludwig Breiling and worked with owner Christoph Tyrell. He also worked for the Duhr Sektkellerei in Trier which was a sparkling wine facility. After graduating, Juergen moved to the United States to make wine for an early German held winery on the Wahluke Slope in 1983. Juergen has worked in the Washington State wine industry since then, most recently for a bulk wine producer as the Head Winemaker producing 6 million gallons of still wine. Juergen opened Treveri Cellars at Thanksgiving in 2010 and produces handcrafted Methode Champenois sparkling wines. Their label reflects where the winemaker is from, with his hometown Trier, originally named Augusta Treverorum in Roman times, and later changed to Treveris. Treveri cellars, is a take on the name Treveris in honor of the winemakers roots.

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Yakima Valley AVA Location.

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