* EFESTĒ Winery, Woodinville

Taste Washington! 2012 Recommended Wines.
* Runner Up -  EFESTĒ is my 2nd Favorite Winery at Taste Washington! 2012.

I was so impressed by these wines, that I neglected to take a single photo of their bottles. EFESTE is arguably the best reason for me to visit Woodinville. Impressive wines. Bravo Brennon!

EFESTĒ, pronounced F-S-T, is an acronym for the winery's three founders: Daniel Ferrelli, Patrick Smith, and Kevin Taylor. The three met through a combination of business and family connections; all shared a passion for finely crafted wine and the art of vinification. The idea for EFESTĒ emerged one night over a shared dinner and discussion of making a family label based on the simple philosophy of not taking yourself too seriously, and enjoying friends, family, and anyone else that would join you in a glass of wine, a meal, and a good laugh. Mission accomplished.

Brennon Leighton, Winemaker.

The wines.

* Favorite: Riesling, 1.1 - Very good, not over top, restrained, dry. Like. 100% Riesling, ABV 12.3%. 

* Favorite: Lola Chardonnay - Lovely wine, crisp. Retail price $30.

* Favorite: Syrah 100% Red Mountain – Very Good, Like.

* Favorite: Final Final – Awesome. 58% Cabernet Sauvignon, 42% Syrah, ABV 14.4%, retail price $27.

* Favorite: Big Papa Red Mountain - Sold Out - tannins needs steak. All big wines, huge finishes! 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, ABV 14.5%, retail price $49.

Wines listed here are the wines I liked and recommend. My favorite wines appealed to me because they expressed unique characteristics and quality, they are indicated by an “*” and are in italics.

EFESTE Winery 
19730 144th Ave NE
Woodinville, Washington 98072
(425) 398-7200

Tasting Room Hours: Friday through Sunday, 12-5pm.
Private tastings available. Please email angela@efeste.com to schedule an appointment.

twitter: @efeste

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  1. I would have went to that place last month but my mate opted to go to Cali instead and we tried out that wineries yarra valley that he has been raving about. But based on your blog here mate, I am definitely keeping a tab of that Efeste Winery. Cheers!

  2. Geoff, check them out next time. Really good wines. Met the winemaker at Revelry on Red Mountain, Brennon Leighton, he's a cool guy. Cheers!


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