* EFESTĒ Winery, Woodinville

Taste Washington! 2012 Recommended Wines.
* Runner Up -  EFESTĒ is my 2nd Favorite Winery at Taste Washington! 2012.

I was so impressed by these wines, that I neglected to take a single photo of their bottles. EFESTE is arguably the best reason for me to visit Woodinville. Impressive wines. Bravo Brennon!

EFESTĒ, pronounced F-S-T, is an acronym for the winery's three founders: Daniel Ferrelli, Patrick Smith, and Kevin Taylor. The three met through a combination of business and family connections; all shared a passion for finely crafted wine and the art of vinification. The idea for EFESTĒ emerged one night over a shared dinner and discussion of making a family label based on the simple philosophy of not taking yourself too seriously, and enjoying friends, family, and anyone else that would join you in a glass of wine, a meal, and a good laugh. Mission accomplished.

Brennon Leighton, Winemaker.

The wines.

* Favorite: Riesling, 1.1 - Very good, not over top, restrained, dry. Like. 100% Riesling, ABV 12.3%. 

* Favorite: Lola Chardonnay - Lovely wine, crisp. Retail price $30.

* Favorite: Syrah 100% Red Mountain – Very Good, Like.

* Favorite: Final Final – Awesome. 58% Cabernet Sauvignon, 42% Syrah, ABV 14.4%, retail price $27.

* Favorite: Big Papa Red Mountain - Sold Out - tannins needs steak. All big wines, huge finishes! 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, ABV 14.5%, retail price $49.

Wines listed here are the wines I liked and recommend. My favorite wines appealed to me because they expressed unique characteristics and quality, they are indicated by an “*” and are in italics.

EFESTE Winery 
19730 144th Ave NE
Woodinville, Washington 98072
(425) 398-7200

Tasting Room Hours: Friday through Sunday, 12-5pm.
Private tastings available. Please email angela@efeste.com to schedule an appointment.

twitter: @efeste

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