2006 Terra Blanca ONYX

More than a memorable Red Mountain wine.

Terra Blanca 2006 Onyx.
Recently I had a significant wine moment with a bottle of wine from Terra Blanca, the 2006 ONYX, Terra Blanca Estate Vineyard. This wine was a gift from a friend. A gift I greatly appreciate.

There was no special occasion for opening this wine, it just happened to be the bottle I selected. Perhaps it is best that I was not anticipating anything out of this bottle, consequently, my experience was all the more noteworthy. On pulling the cork, the room was instantly enveloped in the aroma of black berries, fresh wild berries, ripe ready to eat berries, berry pie and berry cobbler. The moment hung suspended as I was transported back in time, memories of childhood, my grandmother and summers spent in Aberdeen, Washington cascaded over me.

As I poured from the bottle into my glass, I recalled my grandmothers white 1971 Monte Carlo, with blue vinyl top. You could tell she enjoyed driving that car; we drove all over Aberdeen, Grays Harbor and up the Olympic Peninsula. Our road trips took us to Lake Aberdeen, Quinault Lake, and Ocean Shores and then out into the rain forest in pursuit of wild black berries. Ah, those black berries. I lost myself in memory and wine. A reverie of rich Red Mountain fruit, balanced tannins and acidity complimenting flavors lengthening, glass emptied and refilled. The memories of my grandmother’s smile, shared laughter, stretching for berries just out of reach, pricked fingers wounded by thorns and the salty taste of blood.

The summers of my youth were spent with my grandmother, as were Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. This makes these memories especially poignant this time of year. A special woman, teacher, principal and councilor, I think of her as the Archetypal Grandmother. She is greatly missed. Now that I’ve wiped my eyes, I’d like to thank Keith Pilgrim for crafting such an exceptional wine and for the reminder of treasured memories.

This is a signature Red Mountain wine from winemaker Keith Pilgrim, the grapes were harvested from Red Mountain vineyards, 66% Cabernet Sauvignon, 26% Merlot, 4% Petit Verdot, 3% Cabernet Franc, and 1% Malbec at 13.5% alcohol. Label artwork by Odette A. Grassi. This wine is $48 from the winery.

Terra Blanca Winery
Tasting room open daily, 11 am – 6 pm
Phone: 509-588-6082


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