#winechat Les Charmes Chardonnay 2009

My setup for tonight's #winechat session.
Tonight was a #winechat evening on twitter. The wine was provided by @PasternakWine and it was a marvelous hour of tweeting about the Les Charmes white wine.

I originally reviewed this French wine on August 1st, see post here, but tonight was an opportunity to share tasting thoughts with a group of fellow wine tweeters and bloggers. We all had the same wine and we all shared our thoughts about the wine using twitter. Can you say fun? Or type while tasting?

Although I reviewed this wine in August, I must admit that it has improved since then and is even better today. It remains bright and clean, but a little more complexity has emerged and I thoroughly enjoyed this wine tonight with dinner. The chicken I cooked with fried onions, garlic, lemon juice, salt, a touch of Mesquite seasoning and then a reduction sauce from the drippings with a splash of the les Charmes. It was indeed a charming pairing. And I made many new friends tonight too.


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