Virginia Does It All!

Todd Godbout of Virginia Wine TV @vawinetv
Opening Day of WBC11.
The 4th Annual Wine Blogger Conference (#WBC11) is proving to be an exceptional event. Nothing has disappointed and some new boundaries have been crossed. That's a good thing. It's 30 minutes past midnight in Virginia, I have not slept, since 4 AM PST on Thursday! But I'm still trucking along with a few grabbed winks.

Monticello was a true treat, even with the heat and humidity and all the sweating (I have some great video I'll share sometime soon). I'm feeling stretched and challenged. Always good in my book. Love meeting passionate winemakers - and Virginia has them.

It's such a rush embracing so many wines, and personalities. Everyone has an interesting story to tell. Photos, videos and text to follow when I can.

FYI: the OMNI Charlottesville Hotel has been a fantastic host! I love my room and the service - they are spoiling me.

More soon? Maybe, so much going on in 9 hours. Follow the tweets on twitter via #wbc11 there are more people than I tweeting.


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