2008 Chateau Smith Cabernet Sauvignon Review

Break out the Steak and Chateau Smith, it’s sunny in the Columbia Valley!

It’s finally grilling season in SE Washington, sunshine and no wind. After experiencing the coldest April on record, I'm ready for the sun. Now that the Columbia Valley is warming up, we have the perfect weather for outdoor activities, including: wine tasting and grilling.

Speaking of grilling, I fired up the grill to cook some nice rib-eyes. After a month without eating red meat, I was eager to break my meat fast. But which wine to pair with my grilled steak? My choice, a classic Walla Walla, Washington, made in the USA, 2008 Chateau Smith Cabernet Sauvignon.

That's right, a Chateau Smith!

I choose the Chateau Smith because I wanted a food friendly, affordable, easy to enjoy wine. This wine came up aces. I’ve met winemaker Charles Smith a couple of times (Seattle magazine 2010 winemaker of the year), at last year’s Wine Blogger Conference in Walla Walla and in 2008 at Taste Washington Seattle. Once you meet Charles, you’ll always remember him; he has a persona you don’t forget. I feel the same way about his wines.

Tasting notes:

A screw-cap made for easy access to this wine. Most noticebable was a rich raspberry on the nose, accompanied by black pepper, vanilla and cola. A gentle use of oak was reflected in the medium body, medium tannins, and the tasty cherry/vanilla flavors, with a touch of mushroom to round out the finish.

The wine paired well with the grilled rib-eye, it was so very easy to enjoy. After dinner, the nose of this Cabernet Sauvignon was a bit more concentrated, the mouth feel a bit richer, and the finish a bit softer; it made for an enjoyable after dinner sipping wine.

Chateau Smith is a fitting companion for your next grilling session or party. This is a drink me now wine and a drink me later wine; twist and pour. However you enjoy your red wine, Chateau Smith will keep you pleased and purpled. Go find some. I paid $11 locally for this bottle. A great value too.

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