You Can't do Everything with an iPad

My new Wild 4 Washington Wine facebook page is live.
You can "Like" it on right column.

It was house keeping Saturday this afternoon. By house keeping, I'm referring to social media maintenance. The last week found me sickly with a painful sinus infection; wine was not an option and my tweets were few. I rely on my iPad for daily social media tasks; twitter, email, facebook, and catching up on others posts and the occasional game too. I don't know how I lived without an iPad before. It is my favorite tech gadget of all time.

What I can't do on my iPad, I tried, is connect all of the social media dots. There's just no way to connect websites to and from twitter and facebook using the iPad. If you want to enable apps and embed code, you'll have to fire-up the laptop or desktop computer.

Putting the iPad aside for a while this morning, I tackled some quick projects on my beast of a desktop computer - after a couple of hours, I side-tracked to working on my wine blog and some related apps. Eventually I shut down the beast and moved to my laptop and a more comfortable location. I also apologized to the dog for accidentally stepping on her tail. Sorry Missy.

On the laptop I fired off some tweets first. After several tweets, re-tweets and mentions later, I decided it was past time to "upgrade" to a dedicated facebook page for this wine blog. Although, I have a facebook "Group" for this Wild 4 Washington Wine blog, over the last two years it's lost traction.

Groups are no longer popular on facebook.

Long story short, I now have a Wild 4 Washington Wine facebook page. But it took some work. The new page has a proper name, a most important "Like" button and many photos, some not published previously. The grief now is, I ended up with facebook accounts and Twitter does not seem to like the new Page. At least I have an updated and working, twitter feed gadget on my blog. Win some, lose some.

Lessons learned?

1. You can't do everything on an iPad. I had to fire-up the desktop and laptop computers to configure and install apps and add proper code in various places.

2. Things go a lot easier if you clear the cache on your web browsers. Facebook makes lots of updates to their applications. I use three different web browsers (IE, Chrome, FireFox). I have multiple email accounts. Between twitter apps, facebook apps, 2nd party apps and the cached information in my browsers - things did not go well at first. Purging the cache and history and cookies and much misc. junk allowed me to successfully get the new facebook page working. Alas, too late to prevent multiple spam to my friends and colleagues. If you received such spam from me, I apologize.

3. It takes time to get things working. See item #2 above.

I've also been experimenting with various gadgets for sharing tweets and facebook content on web pages - mixed results of course. If you would like to share with me your experiences using social media apps and gadgets, you can post here or to the Wild 4 Washington Wine page on facebook.

What, no wine review? I have a couple of posts I'm working on, soon, soon.


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