New Business Cards and Logo in Time for Taste Washington Seattle (updated)

Friends, Taste Washington Seattle is only 2 weeks away. 

This year I will be attending the Grand Tasting on March 27th, as a volunteer. It’s been three years since I last participated at Taste Washington Seattle. In 2008 I had an absolutely glorious time (read post here) at Taste Washington. It was wine, food, winemakers, wine, food and some of the friendliest people you would want to meet. Taste Washington was unquestionably the highlight of 2008.

This year I’m in the country, available to attend, and looking forward to Taste Washington. Learn more about Taste Washington Seattle or buy tickets here.

New Business Cards
Since I intend to meet and greet as many wine industry folks as possible, I must have current business cards on hand for my Seattle visit. Ah, business cards, those come in handy. I’ve been working on designing a logo for my wine blog for some time. Logo, self-branding, could be useful on a business card. None of my efforts have been satisfactory. I briefly toyed with the idea of using W4WW as my logo. That is until I googled “w4ww” and discovered that it is a Craigslist code for “women seeking multiple women partners” and it is also “Wreaths For Warriors Walk”. Oops! Research, research, research.

Logo Design
Sensing that I’m running out of time for new business cards, I spent yesterday working on a logo. My criteria, emphasize Washington wine, emphasize the letter “W” for Washington/Wine/William/Wild and try to keep it simple. After some effort, I’ve created a logo I can kind of ‘sort of ‘use. Here are two earlier versions and the final version. 

This will be on my business card.
What do you think?
The logo has the key elements I was looking for, Washington State becomes a wine decanter, the Washington wine as it is poured out of the State into the glass, then splashes into the letter “W”. Simplified the graphic as much as possible to keep it “clean” and flowing. What do you think? I hope no one else has used this design or copyrighted it – I just ordered a bunch of business cards…searched online and have not found a similar logo/graphic. Because this is a tall logo, I'm not sure I can adapt it for use on this blog. Feedback is appreciated.

Hope to see you at Taste Washington Seattle on the 27th.

* 9 March 2012 Update
I've expanded on my original concept. I've been using the phrase, "have your taste buds pleased by Washington wine" and "celebrate some remarkable wine experiences" I have recently added "Pour Washington Wine" now condensed to just, "Pour Washington" see below:

Logo as it appears on my business card and wine blog.

Tying the concept together for a poster - with a new catchphrase "Pour Washington Wine".

Tweaking the poster concept a bit further.

Another variation of the poster concept.
Simplified catchphrase "Pour Washington"

Let me know what you think.


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