Back from Taste Washington Seattle 2011

Next Year I May Buy a Ticket

I’m back from Taste Washington Seattle 2011. It will take the next week for me to gather my thoughts and write about the wines I enjoyed this weekend. Even though I was one of the greeters at Taste Washington, there were opportunities to sample wine, food and to bend some ears. This year I made an effort to visit with winemakers I did not know.

A venue like Taste Washington, involving a couple hundred wineries, and a thousand+ different wines available to sample, along with 3,500 attendees, could be a daunting event to attend, let alone organize. But once again, my impression of this event is positive. Next year I may even buy a ticket, I need more time to visit with winemakers.

A special hello to the friendly group I met outside after the event (I’ll have a list of all those wines I enjoyed for you soon). And to the couple from Arizona who walked with me in the rain, thanks for the company and conversation, we’ll have to share that drink another time.

Thank you to the many wineries and restaurants, the Washington Wine Commission, and to everyone who made Taste Washington so much fun to be a part of.


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