Hamilton Cellars a New Richland Winery

The Tasting Room is Open

Hamilton Cellars Richland Tasting Room
Located in Eastern Washington, Hamilton Cellars is the first official winery in Richland Washington!

Hamilton Cellars opened to the public on January 5, 2011.

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Stacie Hamilton of Hamilton Cellars. Stacie and her husband Russ Hamilton have partnered with renowned winemaker Charlie Hoppes, to craft some truly noteworthy wines. Together they have already collaborated on three vintages.

The Tasting Room

Curvy bar has room for many visitors
Hamilton Cellars tasting room is located in South Richland’s Queensgate Village, on Keene Road. The 2000 SF tasting room is equipped with a long curved wine bar, roomy enough to engage a large group of visitors. The curve of the bar continues into “Milton’s Lair” – a wine club member’s only section of the tasting room.

Cozy fireplace of Milton's Lair
While it was chilly and gloomy outside, inside the tasting room, Stacie and I chatted by the cozy fireplace in Milton’s Lair. Stacie told me that in just three weeks of opening, Hamilton Cellars already has 70 wine club members. Membership does have its privileges at Hamilton Cellars. Only Hamilton Cellars wine club members are given key code access to Milton’s Lair.

Meet Milton

Milton is everywhere
Milton’s Lair is named after their "little stick man" logo, Milton. At the tasting room you’ll find Milton on the bottles, the sconces, in stained glass and even embedded into the counter top (backlit by color shifting LEDs) of the wine bar.

Location, Location, Location

Finding a location to open a winery should not be as challenging as it was for Stacie and Russ. Originally, Hamilton Cellars was going to be a West Richland winery. Due to an unfortunate land ownership issue, the West Richland location did not happen. Next, Hamilton Cellars was going to be a Kennewick winery.

Stacie and Russ found a great location in Kennewick, plans were made, more money was spent, but because of the pre-existing dispute in West Richland, the Kennewick location did not happen either. Eventually, the Hamilton’s decided to convert one of their office buildings in South Richland into their tasting room. At the same time, they found a large warehouse in Richland perfectly suited to be their wine production facility. It’s all working out.

Purchasing Hamilton Cellars Wine

Stacie Hamilton at the tasting room
The best way to purchase Hamilton Cellars wine is to stop by their Richland tasting room. The only other way to buy their wine is to have them ship it to you. Presently, Hamilton Cellars can only ship to Washington State residents. There are plans to expand shipping to include the states of Oregon and California; you’ll have to contact the winery to find out when.

Queensgate Village, 1950 Keene Rd, Bldg I, Richland, WA 99352
Phone: 509-628-8227

Tasting room hours:
Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 12:00 - 5:00 pm,
Friday, Saturday 12:00 - 8:00 pm, Or by appointment*

Learn more at: http://www.hamiltoncellars.com/

I enjoyed my visit to Hamilton Cellars, I plan on posting notes about some of their wines soon.


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