Goose Ridge 2008 g3

Local Winery - Great Blend
This weekend I had the pleasure of enjoying a bottle of Goose Ridge 2008 g3. The Goose Ridge g3 is a red wine blend of 45% Cabernet Sauvignon, 31% Merlot and 24% Syrah with 14.2% alcohol.

Some Background
Goose Ridge was founded by the Monson Family in 1999. Goose Ridge is an estate winery dedicated to handcrafting wines from grapes grown on their 1,400 acre vineyard. Veteran Columbia Valley winemaker Kendall Mix joined Goose Ridge Vineyard & Estate Winery as head winemaker in April of 2010. I have not had the pleasure of Meeting Mr. Mix or of sampling his wines, yet, but I look forward to that day. The Goose Ridge tasting room is located in Richland, off of Dallas road, about a five minute drive for me.

Back to the 2008 g3
I have to admit that, while I drank the 2008 g3 a year ago, I did not review it. Why? Because, a year ago the 2008 g3 seemed too thin, and did not excite my senses – today the g3 is splendid. I try to keep my posts positive, so if I don’t like the wine, I won’t review the wine. My last review of Goose Ridge was the 2006 g3 in August 2009.

As I mentioned, an extra year in the bottle has greatly benefited the Goose Ridge 2008 g3. It is drinking oh so very well. This weekend I enjoyed a bottle with dinner. The 2008 g3 was very tasty on opening, silky, good weight, balanced acidity and tannins. The Syrah components were most visible to me - violets, tar, blueberry, good nose of fruit, spice, with floral elements. On the finish was cola and cocoa – no complaints – swirl, swirl, and some tarragon emerged too. This wine has really come together.

A year ago this wine did not appeal to me, too young and not interesting. Today, the 2008 g3 drinks at my speed. Bonus, I found it on sale for $11, so it’s also a great deal. Go buy some. Recommended!
Goose Ridge contact info available from the "Local Wineries" tab above.


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