2007 Kamiak Rock Lake Red Doing Fine

Go find the 2007 Rock Lake Red while you can.

I was lucky to find this bottle last week. Oh yeah, this wine is aging fine. I last reviewed this wine six months ago and the 2007 Kamiak Rock Lake Red is still rocking (July 2010 Kamiak Rock Lake Red Review).

The 2007 vintage greets you with a  gorgeous deep red color and raspbery jam nose. On my first taste the raspberry was very noticeable. After about ten minutes, swirl, swirl, and the flavors shifted to cherry and currant, with cola in the finish. I quite like this wine.

For about $13, there's a lot of enjoyment in this bottle. But wait, the raspberry came back with some chocolate... Yes, I like this wine, it's a "buy me, drink me" wine. I sure did, now it's your turn.

note: Not all wines age at the same pace, and not all wines age gracefully. While it is true some wines do improve with age, other wines will be no better than they are now. It's also true that you cannot forsee how a wine will change from month to month and year to year. I've tasted some vintages over several years, which I'll refer to as "unpredicatble". The Unpredicatables can be wonderful one month and uninteresting the next, and then completely suprise you several months later with their amazing flavor and complexity.

My point? The 2007 Kamiak Rock Lake Red is drinking fantastic NOW. Don't wait, don't sit on it, buy it, share it, gift it and most importantly, drink it now.

If you can’t find this wine locally, go to http://www.kamiakwines.com/ or http://www.gordonwines.com/. You can also call the Gordon Brothers Woodinville tasting room (they make Kamiak) and ask who their Distributor is in your region. The Distributor can tell you which stores carry this wine. Tasting Room Hours: Friday, Saturday, Noon-7PM, Sunday Noon-5PM and by appointment, Phone: (425) 398-9323.


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