Columbia-Crest Grand Estates 2007 Syrah

My first impression after a glass of this wine was,
“This is what the color purple tastes like.”

If you read my posts, then you know that I favor Syrah, I favor odd year vintages and I favor a great deal. The Columbia Crest Grand Estates 2007 Syrah is all that and more.

I used my Rabbit Wine Aerating Pourer to pour this lovely dark wine. When I stuck my nose in the glass, I got a whiff of asphalt after a summer shower; the aroma gradually shifted to root beer with an underlying heady aroma of earth, candied violets and cedar. This wine has a lovely mouth feel and good weight, cola, blueberry and a pinch of tarragon, balanced acidity, pleasantly dry, good finish which lingers pleasingly, not hot at 13.5% alcohol. Well done Columbia Crest, this vintage is drinking grand.

I found this wine selling locally for only $8.99. Go buy some and find out what the color purple tastes like. It’s the season of giving, so send some bottles my way. Recommended.


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