Washington Wine Perfect for the Holidays

First, if you have no Washington wine to enjoy with friends and family, go buy some! We were out and about yesterday and brought more Washington wine home for tonight. Luckily, Kestrel Vintners was at the local Costco showcasing their newest releases. I happily took the Lady in Red, 8th edition, home with me. After shoveling snow this morning, for the third time this week, I'm now relaxing with a glass of Lady in Red and watching football in HD.

Our second stop yesterday was at the West Richland Yoke's grocery store. One of my favorite wine stewards, Chris, works at Yoke's. His recommendations for Turkey day included Washington Gewurztraminer, Sparklers and Rosé. Here's a cell phone photo of Chris at the store.

What do I recommend? Washington Sparklers and Rosé of course! Both Washington sparkling wine and Rosé pair with almost everything. For the die-hard red wine drinkers, there are plenty of options to keep them happy too (you could always read my previous posts).

Some Suggested Washington Rosé Wines

Adamant Cellars Ruby Ruth

Barnard Griffin Rosé of Sangiovese

Willow Crest Rockin' Rosé

I don't have a photo of it, but I'd also like to recommend Hedges Rosé. While it's tough to find locally, unless you go to their winery on Red Mountain, it should be much easier to find in King county.

Some Suggested Washington Sparklers

St. Michelle Sparklers, something for everyone.

Have fun, be safe, and don't drink and drive.


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