The Reveal

Kirkland 2007 Napa Valley Meritage

Here's the photo of the wine I enjoyed last night and tonight. While I'm mainly a Washington wine drinker, I did enjoy this Kirkland 2007 Napa Valley Meritage. On impulse I bought it at Costco for $11. It's a medium firm wine with flavors of cherry and vanilla with a bit of oak, but not too much oak. Tanins were just right to go with the grilled steak last night. Yes, I admit I liked it and found it a great value for the money.

Call it, "broadening my palate."

While I'm not a Napa wine drinker, it's good to sample and try wines from other regions you're not familiar with. I enjoyed this wine. And for $11 it's worth the money to evaluate and consider that Costco is selling some great wine under that Kirkland label. Maybe I'll visit Napa one of these years. But not too soon.


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