2007 Napa Meritage - Am I Wrong to Like?

Quick post. Grilled a most awesome steak tonight. Enjoyed the steak with hot peppers from my garden - they bit back - so good. And...I...enjoyed dinner with a...2007 Napa Meritage. That's right - Napa Meritage (it's a place in California).

I know, this is a Washington wine blog. Well, my last five posts were about some fantastic Washington wines/wineries. Go read if you have not. Blame the local big box store (yes, Costco) for the great steak tonight, and that wine from California. Hey, I could not pass it up for $11. And I'm not a Napa wine drinker, so what the heck. Am I wrong to let you know I liked it?

It was good...I'll consider adding more details and photo tomorrow. I have to sleep on it.


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