Planning to go Tasting - Meanwhile...

We're heating up in the Columbia Valley, expect to see 100 degree days by the weekend. Feedback from local growers is that they've not minded the cool weather this year. Now that the heat is here, a lot of renewed attention to the vineyards. I'm lining up some winery visits - yes, looking forward to talking to local winemakers and hopefully some vineyard tours.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying what other wine/food bloggers are talking about. On the right column, I keep adding links to other bloggers. There is a lot of good information on these blogs and worth the time to check them out. Rick Bakas has a blog called Back to Bakas, he has a good mix of tasty looking recipes, wine reviews, as well as blogging advice. I really like his World Cup wine and food pairing - great recipes folks.

I'll keep you posted to any new developments.


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