Need a Good Chemist?

Shameless self promotion

These days I'm calling myself a Social Media Strategist. This type of role is best described as someone who helps companies with branding and marketing using social media tools. A much more interesting title than web designer.

My fascination, fixation and passion for wine, has me wanting to connect wine with employment. Which many of us wine bloggers are trying to do. My current employer is a Recruiting company - ANR Group. We're focusing on better presenting our experience, history and capabilities. This has me excited about  expanding my services to include, helping wineries find the people they can't find. Which is what ANR Group does best.

Winemaking is essentially a chemical process. It involves chemical reactions where yeast, converts sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide. There are many chemical processes which affect the strength, appearance, color and taste of wine. Winemaking may require a Chemist for: phenolic research,  monitoring of primary and secondary fermentation, acid and base addition trials, and ongoing lab analysis.

Access to a good Chemist is essential

If you are looking for a good Chemist, or you're a Chemist looking for a job with a winery, let's work together. We're all passionate about wine, as a team we can keep that passion going.


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