Growing Grapes in Your Home Garden

On impulse last week, I bought a small grape vine. A seedless Suffolk red table grape, not wine grape this time. Now that it's planted, what do I do next?

After some Internet searching, I found a great resource for growing grapes yourself. The Oregon State University Extension site has much of the information needed to grow grapes at home.

Topics include: Grape plant growth, Selecting a site, Soil, Selecting a cultivar, Planting stock and propagation, Establishing your planting, Care of established plantings, Pruning and training, Harvest and dealing with Pests. The included diagrams are a huge help in explaining how to properly train and prune your vines. Check it out.

Link to web page - This information is also available as a .PDF file: Link to PDF file.

If you have planted, or are thinking about planting grapes at home, then check out this resource.


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