Barnard Griffin 2006 Merlot Reserve

DBYD – Drink Before You Die!

I’ve been eager to open and drink this wine, but I exercised restraint and saved this wine for a special occasion. We just returned from holiday in Vancouver, British Columbia, where I found the occasion to enjoy this wine.

Contact the winery if you are trying to locate a bottle. They may be out of stock by now, but they have a list of distributors who may be able to help you out. Yes, I purchased my bottle direct from the winery.

To enjoy a wine of this caliber, I always open the wine an hour or two before drinking. The intense flavors of this wine cascaded into my mouth like the memory of the waves crashing onto the rocky shore of Playa Linda in Mexico. My mouth was saturated with flavor, roof, tongue, cheeks, gums, and lips. This is a vivid Merlot, a Washington Merlot, crafted with care by the wine making team of Barnard Griffin winery. Stupendous!

Put this on your list as a “not to miss”, buy it and drink it before you die. The time is now, the occasion is yours. And a fireplace on a rainy day doesn't hurt.


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