Live Radio Broadcast from Bookwalter Winery

I popped over to Bookwalter winery for a glass of wine.

Wednesday evenings, a live radio program is broadcast from the Bookwalter winery on local radio, KONA AM 610. Last night I was listening to the program in my car, Jazz/Blues, many great classics and thought, "hey, let's check it out".

There was a small crowd, most of the indoor seating was taken - but there was plenty of outdoor seating and this weather begs you to hang outside. I walked over to the bar to order, when the hostess got around to me, we talked wine. Bookwalter has a good list of Bookwalter white and red wines. I ordered a glass of 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon - the hostess said it was a big, bold red, and it was. The glass of 2005 Cab Sav was $13. If you've never been to the Bookwalter winery, they use some of the largest glassware available, which provides you with ample room to swirl and sniff. My nose was in my glass most of the time I was there. Bookwalter Cabernet Sauvignon historically sells out fast - I felt lucky they still had some to share with me.
Make a night of it next Wednesday at Bookwalter winery - bring some friends along and sit outside. Bookwalter has very nice landscaping, a covered seating area and vineyards too. You can still hear the music outside and there's some comfy seating to help you relax while you enjoy your wine. Recommended.

Sorry for the poor quality of the images - I used my cell phone camera.


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