A Change of Pace

We've had cooler than usual weather in Washington state this season. It should feel like summer, but it still feels like early Spring. My son had his final baseball game today (a chilly game yesterday in the wind and rain). And surpise, suprise, I've been enjoying Spanish wines for a change of pace. As much as I love Washington wine, it is fun and healthy to explore wines from around the world. You can blame my cousin José for tuning me into Spanish wines in April.

Which Spanish wines have I been enjoying? Tempranillo wines from Spain. Tempranillo is THE indiginous varietal from Spain. Tempranillo is grown in many places in Spain, from southern Spain, the Penedes, Ribera del Duero to Rioja. It does very well when grown in high-altitude vineyards. And it enjoys a wide range of flavor and styles - which is what toots my horn. Tempranillo is also known as, Cencibal, Tinto de Madrid, Tinta de Pais, Tinta de Toro, Tinto Fino and Ull de Llebre.

My most memorable Tempranillo experience was last year when Rob Griffin shared a glass of Tempranillo with me. It was one of the most interesting wines I had tasted. Much different from the wines I've known - I didn't know quite how to describe it, except to say - "very interesting".

I encourage you to learn more about Spanish wines at, www.winesfromspain.com


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