StoneCap Syrah 2005 Columbia Valley

Stonecap Monson Family Estates Syrah 2005 Columbia Valley

This was supposed to be another white wine post. By now, you may realize my penchant for Washington Syrah. SO you may understand my eagerness to sample the Stonecap 2005 Syrah. This wine was cellared and bottled by Goose Ridge Vineyards, Richland, Washington. I have a lot of respect for Goose Ridge wines. Naturally I was curious about this new label.

I opened the wine, had a short glass, and closed it again for three days before drinking it again. Screw caps do come in handy sometimes.

What was it like on day one? When I first opened the wine, it had a distinct tomato soup nose - extremely vegetal, with a touch of celery. Not my speed, which explains why I ignored it for three days.

Day three, or is it day four? Today I was immediately impressed by the glorious deep purple color, inky purple, the color of the Syrah of my dreams. Thankfully, the strong vegetal aroma has gracefully retired, replaced by the subtle aroma of spicy, baked bell peppers, blueberry pancake syrup and a whiff of tarragon. An appealing improvement over day one. Medium dry, gentle tannins, balanced acidity and silky dark fruit finish. Can you say smooth and drink me now?

This Syrah is not all in your face. It is delicate and refined (after 3 or 4 days in the cupboard - 4 to 6 hours in a good decanter might suffice instead). It paired exceptionally well with my Roman style chicken soup - this was a flavorful soup made with chicken, porcini mushrooms, red bell pepper, garlic, onion, salt, celery and chicken broth. The strong soup paired great with the wine, truly complimentary flavors.

I have the recipe for the Roman Style Chicken if you want it, I made the soup from the leftovers. This wine is worth checking out, recommended!

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