Hyatt Vineyards 2004 Syrah

HYATT 2004 Syrah Yakima Valley

In 1986 I moved to the Columbia Valley. Hyatt Vineyards released their first wines in 1987, which was the time I began taking wine more seriously – having local wineries is a wonderful motivator. Hyatt was one of my favorite wineries to visit in the Zillah, Washington area. Somewhere along the way, I stopped visiting the winery and stopped purchasing their wines.

Last week I found a bottle of Hyatt 2004 Syrah at the local grocer, reasonably priced too. I would not hesitate to recommend this wine to anyone looking for a decent Syrah. From the picture you may notice that a synthetic cork was used for closure (hard outer casing and dense cellular center). I was greeted by a heady aroma when I first opened the bottle - which made me think of a more expensive wine. Unfortunately, the flavor did not match the aroma. After I gave the wine an hour to breathe, some tasty flavors emerged; unfortunately, the rich aroma had receded. But, the wine was enjoyable the first day. I decided to re-cork the wine and try again the next day. Ah, day two – both aroma and flavor are better matched – floral nose, dark fruit flavors, blackberry and a pleasant finish, medium dry. On day three I had about half a glass remaining – and there was plenty of flavor and aroma in that glass. This would be a great wine to share with friends at sunset – try one of our southeast Washington sunsets if you are in the area (pop it open and drink immediately, or plan in advance and open a day or two before enjoying). Hyatt Vineyards is back on my list.

Looking at their web site, I see that since 2005 Andy Gamache is their new winemaker – he has impressive credentials and I’m looking forward to sampling their 2005 Syrah. Their site also mentions that Hyatt has a super-premium brand Roza Ridge. I’ll have to learn more about Roza Ridge.

Tasting room open 11am – 5pm daily

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