Syncline - 2005 Subduction Red Review

A Gorgeous Red Table Wine

The first thing you’ll notice about this bottle is the screw-cap. Not to worry, the screw cap is just a closure for this tasty bottle of wine. On first opening, you may think you have a pleasant but unassuming bottle of wine. Color is good, but the nose and body seem to be lacking. Once again, not to worry, pour a little into your glass, leave the screw-cap off and set the bottle aside for 2 hours or so. This would be a good time to start prepping for dinner. By the time dinner is ready, this wine should be ready to enjoy.

Oh yes, you will be greeted by a completely different wine two or three hours later. Subduction Red deserves to be decanted or at least let it breathe for 2 hours or so as I suggest. This is a luscious wine full of flavor and a wonderful mouth feel. So, what’s in the bottle? There is 45% Syrah, 41% Grenache, 12% Mouvedre and 2% Cinsault – 700 cases were bottled. This wine is on my “Drink me now!” list. Highly recommended – just remember not to “open and drink” – let the wine express itself with some good air time. Far too many people forget or just don’t realize that a great wine needs some decanting/breathing. I found this wine locally for $18.

Tonight we enjoyed Subduction Red with BBQ beef ribs, corn on the cob and watermelon. Ahh… I do believe I’ll have another glass.

Syncline Wine Cellars is located along the Columbia River in southern Washington State. Directly west of the vineyard and winery is a series of 300-foot cliffs rising up into the surrounding mountains straight out of the Columbia River. Locally known as the “Coyote Wall Syncline” and to geologists as the “Bingen Syncline,” this dramatic feature gives the winery its name. It is at this point that the rainy western Columbia Gorge transitions to the semi-arid eastern Gorge.

Check out their attractive and easy to navigate Web site at and track down some of their wines to enjoy at your home.

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