Barnard Griffin Dry Riesling Almost Gone

Happy New Year!

This is my first post of the new year, and a great way to enjoy the new year is with some of the remaining Barnard Griffin Dry Riesling. Rob Griffin only made 80 cases of this Riesling and just 6 cases remain as of yesterday.

While this wine was not one of my favorites last summer, far too citrusy for my taste, a little time in the bottle has changed my opinion. The Dry Riesling is quite dry and balanced with good acidity, but now tastes of delicious, crisp Granny Smith apples! This is one of my favorite white wines for 2007. If you open a bottle and don't finish the wine the same day, don't worry, after a couple of days this wine softens and opens up to tropical fruit and a light apricot finish - very nice.

The remaining 6 cases won't last long. So this is your last opportunity to stock up. You can still find this wine at the Barnard Griffin tasting room.


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