Grenache in Washington

Grenache is supposed to be the most widely planted red grape on the planet.

Grenache, Garnacha Tinta, is the most widely planted varietal in Spain and many countries use it to make some fabulous wines (you may be familiar with Chateauneuf-du-pape in France). So it may be no suprise, to some of you, that it is finally making an appearance in Washington. A lucky few enjoyed a 2004 Grenache from Rob Griffin this Fall. Released in October to his Wine Club, the wine sold out by November - not so much was produced. I heard that this was the first harvest from some young vines - so more Grenache may be on the way for 2007. I hope.

How was the wine? Very, very good. You can think of this wine as classic Grenache - raspberry on the palette, gentle spicy finish and very tasty. At release the wine was light and lovely, (perfect for Thanksgiving) by the end of November it had gained some body and the finish was longer and very good - what a nice change of pace from the regulars. If any of you have a bottle stashed away, let me know. It would be my pleasure to re-visit this wine.


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