Barnard Griffin 2004 Syrah Tulip Label

Rob Griffins first Syrah was a Columbia Valley 1998 Reserve Syrah

Since then, Rob has added a less expensive version with his "Tulip Label" Syrah, at $17. So, how does this less expensive wine compare? While the 2004 Reserve Syrah, at $30 and "Tulip Syrah" at $17, were tasting very similar earlier this year when the wines were released - they have definitely parted ways and each has achieved stunning qualities. Focusing on the less expensive Syrah, two months ago the "Tulip Syrah" had taken on some very earthy flavors - which did not appeal to my palate.

I was stunned this week when I discovered that the earthiness has almost disappeared to be replaced by delicious dark fruit flavors with a lovely finish. This wine is on my "drink me now!" list. You'll find it difficult to find a better Syrah at this price. And you'll thank me too.

If your local retailer does not carry this wine, you can still find it on the Barnard Griffin Web site.


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