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Yes, I accept samples for review.

Wine received as a sample will be noted as such in my review. Sending a sample does not guarantee I will write about it. My wine reviews are about wines I enjoyed and appreciated.

  • I do not write negative wine reviews.
  • If I don't like the wine, I won't review it.
  • If I suspect a sample wine is flawed, I will contact the winery/distributor/importer.

While the original focus of this blog was Washington wine, my palate, interests and passion for wine have expanded. Today I accept and review wine from all over the world. Writing about wine provides me an opportunity to educate myself and others about the origin of grape varieties, wine styles, wine regions, technology and history. If I like a wine or a wine related topic and it provides an opportunity to be instructive, I will want to write about it. And I will want to visit.

Occasionally, I am invited to attend wine events as a media guest/wine writer. When I write about these events I note in my post if I attended as media or special guest.

For information on how to ship samples please contact me via email:

william (at)

How I rate wine - I don't use points.

Recommended | Strongly Recommended | Highly Recommended

1. Recommended. A wine I would buy and enjoy.
Enjoyable wine. Recommend it for purchase. Not every wine I drink has to be amazing or complex. Sometimes I want a wine which is "easy drinking" or "fun" I may even describe the wine as "food friendly" or "patio sipper."

2. Strongly Recommended. A strong endorsement.
Special wine, something about it exemplifies the grape variety, or region it was made, or possibly a delicious wine and food pairing experience. This is not an ordinary wine. Look for an enthusiastic review. I may also describe the wine with, "Big like!" or "My speed!" I may also suggest, "Go and buy now!"

3. Highly Recommended. My strongest endorsement.
Extra special wine. A thrilling wine tasting experience. This is a nebulous category based on personal preference and experience. I know a "Highly Recommended" wine when I taste it. Best of the best. I seldom rate wines as "Highly Recommended."

All the best - William

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