William Pollard Jr.

William Pollard Jr.

Over the years I have built a mental image of what wine means to me. The more wine I experience, the more I want to experience and the more that mental image changes.

My original entry into the world of wine was focused on one specific region, Washington state. Where I live and began working in the wine industry.

Today, my focus encompasses the world of wine, yes wine reviews, and wine country travel, also wine pairings and lifestyle choices.

As I continue exploring I will share with you what I learn and experience.

Note: Changes coming. Updating my social media and this blog. At some point, I will add my domain At some point.

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One can be mesmerized by charismatic, local wines. Focusing on the dinner table, he said we must "...take time for time, and wine." 
Jean-Charles Boisset, 2012 Wine Tourism Conference, Sonoma, CA

Wine Industry Experience and Employment

Wine Educator: Col Solare is the partnership between two influential wine producers who are recognized leaders in their respective regions: Tuscany's Marchesi Antinori and Washington State's Chateau Ste. Michelle. I would be happy to pour and tour for you.
Tasting Room Host: My friends at Wautoma Springs winery invited me to help out during COVID. The  Walter Clore Center was slowing shutting down due to lack of funds (yep, COVID casualty.) Wautoma Springs became my place for social contact with friends and wine fans. It is my happy place. 
  • 2019 - WSET Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits
How to taste and describe wine using the WSET Level 2 Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine®(SAT). How environmental factors, grape-growing, winemaking and maturation options influence the style and quality of wines made from eight principal grape varieties. The style and quality of wines made from regionally important grape varieties, produced in over 70 geographical indications (GIs) around the world. How grape varieties and winemaking processes influence key styles of Sparkling wines & Fortified wines. Key labelling terms used to indicate origin, style and quality. Principles and processes involved in the storage and service of wine. Principles of food and wine pairing.

Tour Guide: Taste Vacations is a boutique tour company specializing in food, wine, and beer travel. Our tours take place in some of the premier food and drink regions of the world. We are proud to offer unique experiences not available to regular travelers, including private wine tastings and dinners with winery owners, truffle hunting with famous agriculturists, private tours of local food and drink producers, historic walks through remarkable regions, and personal blending sessions.

Wine Education Coordinator: Centrally located in the heart of Washington wine country. A must-see, learning center that promotes Washington State wine and food by actively engaging visitors to learn, experience and appreciate the quality and diversity of its wine and food products. Private and public presentations. 

Topics I presented included: Varietal Blind Tastings, Washington vs the World, AVA Tastings, Bubbles and Bites, Washington's Big Five, Wine 101, Wine and Cheese Pairings, and special requests. Read my post on Context of Wine about some of the educational tastings I hosted: "Putting Wine in Context"

Podcast Co-host: Many thanks to Linda Rez for inviting me to share my passion for wine. As the Wine Muse show evolved, we added conversations with winemakers and special wine industry guests. We expanded our knowledge and awareness of wine. It was a lot of fun and worthwhile. My mental image of wine continues to evolve. Maybe the #Winemuse will return in another guise.

  • 2006 - Present, Wild 4 Washington Wine Blog

Wine Writer: After a year of working in the tasting room and following much deliberation, I decided to create a Washington wine blog in December 2006. Writing for this blog has become my platform for sharing my passion for wine. It is my outlet, and an indispensable tool. Writing also settles down the thoughts swirling in my head, so I can sleep at night. When I can't sleep, I write.

Original logo for this blog.

I enjoy sharing my stories of wine and talking about wine, wineries, winemakers, vineyards, climate, food and place. In 2008, I shared with Jane Pearson of Tapteil Vineyards a question asked of me by a visitor from China. "What is wine?" Her response was immediate, “Wine is food, wine is life.” Those are words I can live by. Go visit wine country and create your own  wine experiences.

Tasting Room Hospitality: Responsibilities included: Being gracious and welcoming, while assisting customers with wine tasting, selection, product presentation, stocking and shipping. Managed shift schedules for tasting room employees. Assisted with wine club orders and shipments. Opened and closed the tasting room. Used Vin Balance POS (point of sale), exceptional customer service, growing wine knowledge (how Washington wines are unique, wine tasting 101, wine faults). Conversant on Washington wine industry, including: varietals, appellations, climate and soil. Enthusiastic and customer driven employee. Loved the wines, loved sharing the wines with customers. And still a fan.

There is a world of wine waiting to be discovered. I hope what I share inspires you to create your own wine adventures. Stay tuned as I hone my focus. There is much to share.

- William, Wild 4 Washington Wine and a world of wine!

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