Lunch with Arnaud Saget and the Wines of Saget La Perriere, Loire Valley, France


I relish writing about wine, especially when it allows me to meet the people who are behind the bottles of wine on store shelves. A bottle of wine means more to me after I know the history of the people making the wine. Matching a face to the label helps me too. This month, I had the opportunity to learn more about Saget La Perriere and their Loire Valley wines at a luncheon with Arnaud Saget. It was a true treat.


The Saget family is among a handful of estates enjoying three centuries of vineyard and wine production. The modern Saget approach brings together crus and terroirs, vintages and cuvees from the Loire Valley in France. They have 890 acres to vine, six estates and long-term contracts with family owned vineyards. They create and blend a range of Loire Valley wines. An approach more closely associated with new world wine production. When you drink Saget La Perriere, you are tasting a more complex expression of the Loire Valley.


Of note is that Saget La Perriere also uses varietal designation on their labels; Sauvignon Blanc, Muscadet, Pinot Noir. I have enjoyed tasting and reviewing several of the wines from Saget La Perriere.


The wines of Saget La Perriere have consistently pleased and impressed at very reasonable price points. New to me at this lunch were the 2013 Muscadet, 2012 Pouilly-Fume' and the 2012 Vouvray. A lovely lineup of Loire Valley wines.


These are the wines we tasted through:
  1. Le Clissages d'Or Muscadet Sevre et Maine AOC 2013 SRP: $15.99.
  2. La Petite Perriere Sauvignon Blanc 2013 - My review.
  3. La Petite Perriere Rose' 2014 - My review.
  4. La Petite Perriere Pinot Noir 2013 - My review.
  5. Domaine de la Perriere Sancerre 2013 - My review.
  6. Le Domaine Saget Pouilly-Fume' 2012 SRP: $28.
  7. Marie de Beauregard AOC Vouvray 2012 SRP: $19.99.
  8. Marie de Beauregard AOC Chinon 2012 - My review.
The wines we enjoyed at lunch are available via Pasternak Wine Imports.


Arnaud Saget guided us through the wines before and during lunch. Arnaud is the General Manager for Saget La Perriere. He is responsible for improving the distribution of the family wines around the world. While he spends 50% of his time traveling, he remains involved with vineyard training policy, assisting with blending of wines and marketing Saget La Perriere for a global market. His goal is for Saget La Perriere to be the reference for Loire Valley wines. They come strongly recommended by me. Visiting the estate is now on my list.


Strong attention at this lunch was given to the La Petite Perriere Rose' 2014. It is the first time they have released a dry rose' from free-run juice. I had the pleasure of receiving a bottle for review before this rose' was released. Demand is strong and they were almost sold out by the time of this luncheon.

Arnaud was quite fond of the Le Clissages d'Or Muscadet Sevre et Maine AOC 2013, which was served first. He recommended enjoying this wine with fresh oysters. I need to track down a bottle to review at home.


Personally, I was quite taken by the Le Domaine Saget Pouilly-Fume' 2012. At 100% Sauvignon Blanc, this is an estate bottling from Le Domaine Saget. Delicious and a serious white wine. Another bottle I will have to track down.

Arnaud Saget sharing wines of Saget La Perriere.

Thank you to Arnaud Saget, Saget La Perriere and Pasternak Wine Imports for a most enjoyable lunch and the pleasure of learning more about the wines of Saget La Perriere (the quiche at lunch was delicious). Whether shopping for wine or eating out, ask for Saget La Perriere.



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