Blog Shout-out! J'aime ton Wine

Slightly Off Topic Today.

This morning I was checking on my new twitter followers on @wild4wawine and became curious about a new follower from Paris, France:
Admittedly, my two quarters of college French serve me little good today. Hey, it was my last year of school, I audited French 102 and it was also a lovely play in the sun Spring. Priorities. Today I regret not taking French classes more seriously. Just to know what Ms. Lolita Sene is saying in the following video.

In this video from J'aime ton Wine (I Love your Wine) she reviews/tastes wine with music. And she does it correctly. I love her emotion and exuberance - it does not matter to me what she is saying - I just love the way she is saying it. And there's the music too, tying it all together. Bravo!

Her video caught my attention because earlier this year I created a new blog, with the intent of pairing my favorite music with my favorite wine.

I hope you  enjoy the video and don't forget to visit her wine blog



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