Blogging Tech The Kindle

Okay, I am still stoked from WBC10. Still finding people I have not contacted and an ever growing todo list.

The tech at WBC10 included a lot of iPhones, laptops, netbooks and the soon to be ubiquitous iPad. What I did not see were Amazon Kindles. Which got me wondering, why not?

Being curious, I thought I would see if it was possible. For those who don't know, the Kindle is an ereader device sold by and now sold at Target stores. The entry level Kindle has a 6inch e-ink display and is now priced at a reasonable $189. Besides having a crisp monochrome display, long multi-day battery life, the Kindle has NO monthly fee for the 3G wireless used to download books and access the web.

I am using the Kindle now to write this post! With the newest 2.5 update I can access Twitter too. No monthly fee, usable keyboard and so much more.

I will keep you posted on Kindle blogging.



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