BG 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon Going...

Time to score some Barnard Griffin 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon - tulip lable.

My sources tell me that this wine is getting scarce. A delicious Cabernet, the 2004 Cab Sav is dry, smooth and supple - wonderful cherry and vanilla flavors - not "sweet" as some Cabs in this price range, about $17. Wine Spectator magazine rated this wine at 89 points and the Wall Street Journal recommended it earlier this year - I think it has improved since those reviews. It is not as highly awarded as the 2004 Reserve Cabernet, about $30 - but then it does not cost as much either. Good tannins, so I think this has some potential to hold for a few years.

This is another wine on my "drink me now!" list.


Update: This wine won Gold Medal January 2007 at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. The tasting room still has some 10 February 2007.


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