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3 Winning Washington Wines at Value Prices

Can you really find good Washington wines at reasonable prices?

Last week I was snowed in for three days. My little car had a tough time on the icy roads, so I figured it was safer for my son and I to stay home. On the weekend my wife took us out in her SUV to run errands. Powering through snow and slush, we headed for the local grocer to stock up on supplies. My priority on our outing was to bring home wine to prevent me from raiding our home cellar. I'm saving most of those bottles for special occasions. Of the wines we purchased, I found three reasonably priced, locally produced, red wines. Two of the wines were priced at $10.99 and one was priced at $8.99. The prices were reasonable, but how did they taste?

2007 Powers Merlot
The first wine I enjoyed was the Powers Winery 2007 Merlot. Powers is about a 10 minute drive from my home, so they are very local to me.  Bill Powers and his family have been crafting Washington wine for many years. In 2010, Bill Powers was inducted into t…

2008 Hellcat by Airfield Estates

Snow yesterday, sleet today, which makes for very treacherous roads in the Columbia Valley. Trapped in our own home, what is a family to do? It's a perfect excuse to raid the wine cellar and enjoy comfort wine with comfort food.

For lunch today my wife cooked spaghetti with a robust red meat sauce, garnished with flakes of Parmesan cheese and garlic bread on the side. She also selected the wine, an Airfield Estates 2008 Hellcat. We purchased this bottle at their family owned Prosser, Washington winery during Spring release weekend in April 2010.

Lunch was most enjoyable. The 2008 Hellcat complimented our comforting meal and left me glowing with contentment. I stuck my head out the front door to snap the photo below and quickly retreated to the warmth of home and another glass of wine.

The 2008 Hellcat is a dark, clean garnet color. I love the nose on this wine: lively aromas of candied dark fruit, resin, tar, a whiff of Arabic incense specifically Ood Muattar and molasses. Round f…

Do Not Miss Taste Washington Seattle 2012

Wine tasting has been expanded to two days, March 31st and April 1st. Bonus!
It's not too early to buy your tickets now.

If you have never attended Taste Washington Seattle, then you owe it to yourself not to miss it this year. Note, it's not just about the wine, some of the best Seattle restaurants will be serving delicacies to accompany all those amazing Washington wines. Here are links to my previous posts on this event.

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Hope to see you there,