12 PM Blogger/Twitter Meet-Up @ Barnard Griffin Winery 30 May 2011

Lovely Day at Barndard Griffin Winery on Friday May 27, 2011.
Taste and Tweet Monday at Barnard Griffin Winery.

Open invite to anyone who blogs or tweets wine, or enjoys reading our posts, we're meeting at Barnard Griffin Winery, at noon on Monday, May 30th. Join us for a glass of wine or a tasting flight. This is an opportunity to visit with local wine fans and those visiting the Tri-Cities this holiday weekend. Bring a camera and add some new photos to your wine blog. The wine is always good and the company will be too. Hope to see you Monday.

If you have not visited the Barnard Griffin Winery recently, here's a link to my post "Barnard Griffin Winery Visit Wows" from February this year.

note: I stopped by the winery yesterday, they were bottling the 2010 Chardonnay. As busy as they were, Rob Griffin and his Cellar Master, Miah took time to chat with me and show off their improved bottling line - thank you. But, I did not have an opportunity to sample any wine - I will Monday.


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Website: http://www.barnardgriffin.com/
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