Wine Under $20



All of these wines are wines I would enjoy drinking and sharing with family and friends. They are at attractive price points, also referred to as wines having “Good QPR” (Quality-Price Ratio). If you purchase any of these wines, I invite you to share your experience in the comment section of the related post or on my Wild 4 Washington Wine Facebook page.

These are my recommended wines priced at or less than $20 a bottle. I will update this list as I taste and review throughout the year. Quality is strong and all of these wines hit my buttons.

Wines are listed alphabetically by winery name. Cheers!


Barnard Griffin Winery
2012 Merlot - Washington $17
Reviewed 10 Febraury 2015
Drank young, fruit driven, friendly and fresh. Would be wonderful paired with fatty meats, pulled pork, grilled lamb, beef brisket and duck. This will be an interesting wine to track over the next three years as it evolves in bottle. Stock up now.

Barnard Griffin Winery
2013 Chardonnay - Washington $14
Reviewed 26 March 2015
Wonderful after work wine. Not overly complex, lightly oaked, fresh and enjoyable alone or with food. My speed. Pair with your mood and shellfish. Grilled bratwurst with sauerkraut and this Chardonnay, one of my favorite pairings, my comfort food.
Recommended + Great Value.

Bodegas Paniza
Viñas Viejas de Paniza 2012 Garnacha - Spain $18
Reviewed 13 June 2015
Fruit focused forward, creamy, lacking tannin at first. After 7 minutes, pow, tannin. Nice finish. Creamy, spicy Bing cherry finish. Very good with fried steak. Would be wonderful at restaurants because it is so food friendly.
Strongly Recommended.

Chateau Ste Michelle
2012 ANEW Riesling - Washington $12
Reviewed 13 March 2015
Pair with cheese, fresh fruit and nuts. Match with fatty or acidic foods. This wine was impressive! For me, this wine could have been straight from the Finger Lakes Region of New York wine country. I was impressed.
Strongly Recommended!

Columbia Crest
Grand Estates 2012 Syrah - Washington $12
Reviewed 5 May 2015
Pair with BBQ, beef brisket and more robust foods. Too much for gently seasoned lamb as I discovered (that's not a bad thing). Enjoy this wonderful Washington Syrah and become a fan.
Recommended + Great Value. 

Diren Winery
2012 Öküzgözü Red Wine - Turkey $15
Reviewed 29 May 2015
I poured this wine lightly chilled. It was wonderful with sliced Genoa Salami, the salami was smoky and earthy, flavorful and fatty, this wine is made for charcuterie. A wonderful red wine experience. I encourage you to bring this wine home and enjoy this wonderful red wine from Turkey. Perfect for summer too.
Recommended/Strongly Recommended + Great Value.

Domaine Ste Michelle
Michelle NV Sparkling Rose' - Washington $13
Reviewed 14 February 2015
Creamy fruit, fresh strawberry-raspberry cream. Soft foamy bubbles, appealing ocean foam in the ears, mellow tart citrus, delicate yeast with raspberry cordial into the finish. Well done. Tasty, fun and a crowd pleaser.

Giró Ribot
Paul Cheneau Cava Brut Rose' - Spain $14
Reviewed 19 March 2015
Delicate perlage, cherry, strawberry, rhubarb, honey, a little creamy up front, gentle tartness tip of tongue, fresh across gums and edge of tongue. Even better the longer it was open. Creamy honey, strawberry and unripe peach on finish. Good match with baked chicken. Drank like a more serious sparkling wine.

Gordon Estate
2014 Chardonnay, Columbia Valley - Washington $14.99 
Reviewed November 13, 2015
Fresh, new world style with minimal oak. Definitely my speed. Suggest grabbing an extra bottle if you have to share. Well done.
Strongly Recommended + Wine of the Week. 

Grandes Vinos y Viñedos
2014 Beso de Vino Garnacha Rose' - Spain $10
Reviewed 13 June 2015
Almost seemed sweet on first sip, vibrant on the tongue, focused, fresh cherry, strawberry skin, good weight, good texture, pleasantly dry on the gums, raspberry/strawberry into the lingering finish. My speed. Pleasure in mouth. Can you say BBQ? More serious than expected and a lot of fun. Very good value. Recommended.

Grandes Vinos y Viñedos
2014 Corona D Aragon Old Vine Garnacha - Spain $10
Reviewed 13 June 2015
Implied sweet fruit because of youth and only 4 months in barrel. Tastes like summer days and parties with friends. An uncomplicated, fun wine. Pair with food and company. Big Bang for Bucks! Recommended.

Kim Crawford 
2014 Pinot Gris - Marlborough, New Zealand $16.99
Reviewed July 1, 2015
Fragrant, floral wine. Pair with salads, cheese fondue and good friends.

Kim Crawford 
2014 Sauvignon Blanc - Marlborough, New Zealand $17.99
Reviewed July 1, 2015
Classic tropical expression of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Big hang time on the finish. Pair with foods benefiting from lime, but not spicy foods.
Strongly Recommended.

Kim Crawford 
2014 Unoaked Chardonnay - East Coast, New Zealand $16.99
Reviewed July 1, 2015
Character driven wine. Seafood, Lobster, crab, trout, appetizers and pork.

Mercer Estates Winery
2013 Sadie Louise Rose' Horse Heaven Hills - Washington $10.
Reviewed 3 December 2014
Especially good pairing at dinner with spicy Yakisoba noodles; the noodles, oil, umami quality and heat matched well with this wine. Recommended for spicy Asian dishes and would be fantastic with Thai fusion dishes. Bring on the heat baby. A flexible food wine suitable for an array of foods. Buy if you see it. Recommended.

Milbrandt Vineyards
2012 Brothers Blend Red Wine - Washington $17
Reviewed 5 February 2015
Good showing at opening, even better on day two. A wine with potential to improve. Expect this wine to continue to integrate in the bottle. My advice is buy a case and open a bottle every 2 months to appreciate how well it develops over time. Well done.
Recommended + Wine of the Week.

'O' Wines
2011 Chardonnay - Washington $11
Reviewed 11 December 2014
Ready to go at open. Perfect for dining out or in. You and your friends will enjoy this fresh drinking Chardonnay.
Recommended + good value.

'O' Wines
2010 Red Wine - Washington $13
Reviewed 11 December 2014
Crowd pleasing style. Suitable for your festivities with friends and ready for casual meals. Recommended + good value.

Saget La Perriere
La Petite Perriere Rose' - France $12
Reviewed on 19 March 2015
Paired with baked chicken, Ful Medames, cucumber and strawberries. Good companion with dinner, it was wonderful with fresh strawberries and also enjoyable with hard cheese. Would pair well with acidic dishes or a fruit and cheese plate. Yes, a perfect wine for brunch, or an occasion with friends on the lanai. It would also be suitable for an after dinner dessert. Well done and my speed.
Strongly Recommended + Great Value.

Saviah Cellars
2012 The Jack Cabernet Sauvignon - Washington $18
Reviewed 27 February 2015
The 2012 vintage is starting to show well. Definitely less fruit that some of the tasters did not appreciate. Most of us rated this wine a "Buy." Still developing in bottle, decant if you drink now, suspect this will improve in bottle as it showed well at the 3-4 hour window. Fantastic on the second day, even with a little heat.
Terrific value. Recommended.

Silvan Ridge Winery
2011 Malbec Rogue Valley - Oregon $20
Reviewed 22 December 2014
This Oregon Malbec impressed. I encourage you find this wine and enjoy it with your best friends. Add Silvan Ridge Winery to my list, and yours, of must visit Oregon wineries. Well done. Definitely a Wine of the Week! Need to find more of this wine.
Strongly Recommended + Wine of the Week.

Skouras Winery
2013 Moscofilero Peloponnese - Greece $17
Reviewed 10 January 2015
Paired well with chicken. The acid and floral qualities became more obvious on day two and three. It was a good wine experience. Perfect for chicken and seafood. I would like to try this wine with green vegetables.
Strongly Recommended.

Treveri Cellars
Sparkling Riesling - Washington $17
Reviewed 12 December 2014
Soft bubbles aplenty, sweet and crisp, apple, honey, creamy mouth, cinnamon, mineral and apple peal on the edge of the tongue, a good match to savory heat. Yum.

Rose' Brut Vino Spumante Marca Oro - Italy $15
Reviewed on 19 March 2015
Fresh, gentle fizz, citrus, nectarine, unripe raspberry, dry on the tongue with finish of shortbread and raspberry/strawberry cream, nice tingle. Yummy. I have developed a fondness for Valdo sparkling wines. Very good with beef tacos. Also good with Wasabi Ginger chips.
Recommended + Great Value.

Viña Los Vascos
2014 Cabernet Rose' - Chile $13
Reviewed on 19 March 2015
Bright, lively, watermelon candy, dry, grapefruit and pith, crisp, dry, almost tart, modest tannin noticeable on finish. Like. An enjoyable pairing with pork chops.


*QPR is a designation for rating wine based on the ratio of its quality and its price. The higher the quality and lower the price, the better the ratio. Also referred to as “Best Bang for the Buck”.